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Quick answers

The Snapwear plug-in is a tool, that connects your e-store with our print-on-demand and dropshipping platform via API. After quick and simple integration of the plug-in, you get access to the designing app and our production facilities. From now – all the orders from your store will be transferred directly to our fulfillment center, where they will be produced, completed, and shipped.

Yes, there’s no subscription payment. You only pay for products that are produced for you or your customers.

No, the plug-in is only for users with registered businesses

The plug-in can be integrated with Shopify and Woocommerce stores. In the near future it will be possible to integrate with Presta and other platforms and marketplaces.

All you need is to have a store on the Shopify or WooCommerce platform and integrate it with the Snapwear plugin. It takes a few minutes and after adding first products to the store – you can start selling right away.

We ship to all countries in the world. The delivery time depends on the distance from Europe. The whole production is located in Poland.

The DTG printed products are shipped within 3-4 working days. All -over printed products are shipped within 5-7 working days. Accessories with sublimation or transfer printing are shipped within 4-5 days.

Graphics should have resolution between 200 and 300 dpi (the higher, the better), scale 1:1. Graphics should have a transparent background (only the part suitable for printing should be visible), file format: PNG.

For a better reproduction of the colors of the print, it is best to prepare your projects in CMYK mode, and then change it to RGB mode, to save the file as png.

You make your payment before we start the production process. The plug-in user pays only for product production. All settlements with the final customer are on your side.

No, graphics adjust automatically to a specific size.

Custom branding of products the with-labels will be introduced as the plug-in develops.

After selling 100 products, the plug-in user receives a 1% discount on the whole production cost. Each additional 1% discount is granted after the sale of another 100 items, up to 1500 items. At this point, the plug-in user gets a 15% discount. Each additional 1% from this point will be added after the sale of another 200 pieces of product. For example, after the sale of 1900 pieces of product, you get a 17% discount. After the sale of 2500 products, you get a maximum discount of 20% on your production costs, which is valid for another 365 days. The condition of extending the discount for another period is selling a minimum of 1 product within the next 365 days.