The decision has been made – we are building an e-shop. But the foundation  will be  an e-commerce platform, i,e a ready-made software solutom for your business. There are many of them, but which one to choose?

E-commerce platforms differ primarily in functionality and price. Before you choose, answer the following questions: What do you want to  sell? and in what quantities? What is your budget? What functionalities do you need? Do you have IT support? Do you want to sell abroad?

Smartfactore works with the biggest players on the market – Shopify, and soon – Prestashop and WooCommerce. What can they offer you?

Shopify. An  Intuitive tool that conquered the world of e-commerce

This e-store platform from Canada reigns supreme thanks to its simplicity – you don’t need to have any programming knowledge, you can be an absolute layman in the world of e-commerce – you’ll manage anyway. Shopify provides security, store maintenance and a support team that will help you when you have technical questions. It works on a subscription system – you use it by paying a subscription fee. You’ll get a shopping cart, integration with payment and delivery systems, and the ability to run advertising campaigns. Not sure if Shopify is for you? Give it a try – you have a free two-week trial – a long time considering the platform is so intuitive that you’re able to set up your store on it in just one day!

PrestaShop. Your 100% Free International e-shop platform.

Consider PrestaShop if you aspire to bring your product to every corner of the world. It’s a solution for big players with even bigger ambitions. The platform offers translation of store content into 75 languages and is currently used in 195 countries. Your customer will get the right information for the country they are in, including taxes, currencies, etc. Add to this the technical capabilities of this platform – they are virtually unlimited – it’s an Open Source CMS, which allows you to modify the source code and develop the store as needed, with no limitations. And now the most important – PrestaShop offers its software for free, without any commission.

WooCommerce. A sales harvester that’s great to run

Surely you’re familiar with WordPress,? the world’s most popular CMS for creating websites. So if you have a  wordpress website  then WooCommerce is the plugin for it. What will choosing the famous duo give you? Ease of use. A huge selection of templates, which  can give your store an individual look. Thousands of plugins and professional solutions that will allow you to modify the functionality of the system. Solutions are free and paid, you choose what you can afford. Add to this the simple integration with popular payment systems and courier companies, and the fact that WooCommerce perfectly copes with optimization for SEO. It’s a powerful combination for your business.