You’re creative, you’re creating unique , bespoke , personalised  things and you’re starting an e-commerce site. So how to reach your potential customer? Learn about alternative ideas for promoting fashion e-shops.

Smartfactore contributes to the sustainable e-fashion industry. Every day we watch and learn how our clients generate success.In the promotion of all e-stores, there are so-called „must do’s” but the industry in which we operate is specific – it is worth looking for alternative solutions.  What are the must-do’s? You need to exist in social media, you need to conduct e-mail marketing, and content marketing, you should invest in Google AdWords advertising and explore the topic of remarketing. It’s important, but it’s what everyone is doing… How do you stand out? Explore ideas for alternative e-commerce promotion in the fashion industry. Here’s a download:

Let Them Promote You
It’s not an art to speak well of Yourself! it’s an art to getting someone else to speak well of us. And when it is said by someone who people appreciate, like, and follow – success is certain. Establish contacts with fashion bloggers. If you are just starting to develop your brand, don’t go for the ones with millions of followers, rather go for the ones at an earlier stage – already successfully operating, but still developing their communication channels. Such cooperation can be very beneficial for both sides. Send your test products also to stylists (maybe they will be interested in hiring your clothes for a photoshoot?) and fashion journalists (even a small mention in the media is a way to get noticed).

Show off at  fashion fairs (real or virtual !)
There are more and more fashion fairs every year. Your presence at them is a good opportunity to meet your customers – they can watch, try on, review, and then recommend your products to others. It is widely known that the most effective marketing is word of mouth – a good word of mouth travels faster than the most expensive advertising. Another plus – the trade fairs are frequented by fashionable people, who may become your potential customers or promoters – so make sure to show your best side.

Just being on Facebook is not enough You need to work at it!
in an industry where visual communication is king. A store profile on Facebook is not enough. You have to make yourself available and accessible on Pinterest, Instagram, or Vimeo. Being is not everything, you have to act – publish stylizations using your clothes, show how they work on their creation looks like, take pictures of orders just before they are sent. Encourage dialogue between users. You don’t know what color your newest product should be? – show two options and ask for reviews. Make your customer feel important, it’s them you work for.

Don’t sell products,

Sell emotions, experiences, and values that people identify with. Reveal your thinking and approach write about yourself – where did you get the idea for the business,? what is important to you?, for who do you produce your clothes?. A dry description is not enough – size, composition, and color. In a world where everything is everywhere, at your fingertips, people are looking for something more. Why is your Garment Home decor product or fabric design better than millions of others? You have to build a community, earn trust, enter into a relationship. It’s not easy and it’s not done quickly, but… it’s really worth it. You will see the proof one day in your account…