It doesn’t matter whether we are 5 or 55 – we are  all always happy to unwrap a dream gift  .

For an e-shop client the moment when an ordered product comes into their  hands  it should be   special – after all it’s the first physical contact for them as a customer and You as the supplier  of the product they desired .So  make this moment memorable…

Everyone knows and everyone has watched unboxing videos – videos of unpacking a product. Internet users love it – it’s an opportunity to see in detail a product we couldn’t touch and are planning to buy. Toys and electronics have the highest viewership of unboxing videos, and fashion products also have a high position and that’s what smartfactore is all about .producing fashionable ,sustainably  produced garments and products. Of course, such videos are a great way for viral promotion, but before we take the liberty of hiring a well-known influencer to unbox Your product – let’s take care of each of Your customers. Let’s devote more attention to designing an unboxing experience – all the emotions and sensations the customer is supposed to experience the moment your product gets into their hands.

Packaging is important 
Remember that the unpacking of the product purchased in the e-store is the first physical contact with your product – this moment, to be best remembered  should be extraordinary, and it must be remembered in order for the customer to return to your store. According to research, there is a high correlation between attractive packaging and the decision to buy a product. You are most likely not the only one selling a product on the market, however, you may be the only one selling it in THIS packaging.

Take care of your business card
Packaging is a part of your brand and you need to take special care of it. There are brands whose products can be recognized unmistakably just by the packaging. Create a unique graphic design, take care of the r positioning  of your logotype and brand name. Packaging can also be a message – choosing ecological materials communicates e.g. about pro-ecological values which are important for your company.  Let yourself be known – this is how you build a relationship with a client.

Write a letter
Add a product sample, a discount coupon, filled  with information about your products – treat the product packaging as a letter to the customer. This is a great opportunity to reach them  in a physical way – maybe you want to show a new product line in a mini catalog? Or maybe you should show them  a sample of your new fabric? The possibilities are endless. Give hi mor her  what is important in your offer at the moment.

It is especially for you
Make your customer feel really special by personalizing your packaging. Of course, this requires more commitment and more time, but believe it – it’s worth it… I got a product made especially for me, someone noticed me, I’m important to them -these  customer impressions are priceless for you.  Time and commitment spent on the unboxing experience will translate into time and commitment from the customer.