A customer spent a lot of time in your store, looked around, chose, loaded products to the basket and then… disappeared… How to make him come back? Remarketing is the key word here.
The purchase did not take place, but the customer left traces. Regardless of what happened, it is worth to find him and encourage him to return. This is where Google Ads comes in – Google’s advertising system, which you can precisely adjust to your needs. In the case of abandoned shopping carts, remarketing and dynamic remarketing will work well.

Make friends with Google Ads
With this tool, you can schedule ads for your store or products to be displayed in various places. All you need to do is specify the goal of your ad (in the case of e-commerce, of course, it will be to increase sales) and the advertising budget; indicate what you want to advertise, then specify campaign keywords and exclusion words. Of course, you must have a landing page, i.e. a page to which users redirected from the ad will be directed – in your case, it should be a user-friendly e-shop. One more point – in order to have full control over your ads and their effectiveness it is worth linking Google Ads account with Goodle Analytics account. Google Ads offers different types of ads – text ads in search results, ads in different formats in the Google Ads network, remarketing, dynamic marketing, Google Shopping campaign and Youtube campaign. We today more closely about abandoned shopping carts, and so – about remarketing.

How to rescue an abandoned shopping cart?
Remarketing is an advertising action in the form of text, graphics or video that is supposed to reach those who abandoned their shopping carts in our store without completing the order. To create an advertisement for them you need to generate a remarketing list with cookies of those who have visited your store. How to do it? You need to create a Tag, a combination of characters that saves in the Cookies of potential customers or use remarketing in Google Analytics. Once you have this, prepare an ad in Google Ads – it’s trivial – fill the template with content and graphics, and you’re done! Your ad will be displayed to customers who, we hope, will return to your store.

Or maybe they will? Show it to them again
We can also advertise a product to a customer who was interested in that particular product. This is a personalized form of advertising, which is to make the customer once again consider buying from you. By the way, you can offer him a discount, which will increase the chance of sale. This form of advertising is more complicated to prepare – you need to create an account in Merchant Center and connect it with Google Adwords, create a file in .csv, .tsv, .xls or . xlsx file in which you will place the products you want to use for dynamic remarketing, optimize your website (data for this ad will be sucked straight from the page), and determine the rate per click and monthly budget. Believe, the effort is worth the effect.

Take care of lost customers
Remarketing is cheaper than other Google Ads considering its effectiveness – it reaches people who have already been to your store, know your products, and were close to buying. This form of advertising also does not require a lot of work. However, remember not to be unnecessarily pushy – exclude from the reach of ads those who have already made a purchase with you.