Google offers a lot of possibilities,  for the e-commerce industry. Take advantage of the knowledge of this giant  and use its patents in your e-shop. Some of these tools are free of charge.

Why use Google tools? In the case of e-business, their purpose is to increase sales through, among other things, website optimization, monitoring of marketing activities, or proper editing of content. Using some of Google’s tools is intuitive and does not require specialized knowledge, but there are also some that you will need a professional to help you with. From the range of possibilities we will select here a few – must have e-business.

Google Ads

The advertising harvester. It allows you to create advertising campaigns appropriate for your business, targeted at specific groups. You can choose from a whole range of ad formats. You will determine the budget, frequency, time and then monitor the effectiveness of your campaign. This Google tool is paid, but compared to the prices of advertising campaigns on other platforms its very cost-effective.

Google Analytics
Analyzes and gives measurable results. Thanks to analytics  you know if your ads make sense, who they reach and if it is worth investing in them. Google Analytics analyses the  statistics of your web site, which is the knowledge base for your company. How do your clients get to your e-shop, how many of them visit your store, how many of them started shopping, but for some reason gave up, etc. etc.? There is a lot of data that this tool gives you, the trick is to interpret it properly and implement changes based on it.

Google My Company

You have to have it, it is your store’s showcase in the Internet space. If you’re not on Google, you’re not there at all… Business cards show up in Google search results, in the Maps tab, in the browser and in the Google Maps application. Under the most important information about your business, potential customers will also find reviews from other people or a chat to quickly contact you.

Google Optimize
Content on the web is not a simple matter, and it is known that it has a huge impact on conversions. There may be content on your site that causes the viewer to be inactive. Why is this happening? And how to check if another solution would be better? How to optimize this content? Google Optimize helps you find answers to these questions by testing different versions of web content. You can use this tool for free. Note, although some people claim that Optimize helps to get rid of the programmer, consider this decision – to use the tool freely you need to have mastered the basics of programming.

Google Search Control

Delivers support for your website’s performance – monitors it, improves it, sends error messages. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to see how your website is seen by Google search engine, and thus by potential customers. It will also give you unique information – ie in which sites are links to your website, which queries cause people to visit you, how often they type them in the search engine.

Google Data Studio

You certainly have a lot of data in your business. Expenses, products, profits, employees, customers – to “grasp” if you need an analytical mind or just Google Data Studio, which helps you create reports, statements, charts. What’s important, in reports you can include data from different sources. It just comes in handy – for yourself and for communication within your company. You can use it completely free of charge. An important point – reports are not boring, they are dynamic content that is easy  the eye and is very valuable