For those for whom trading is a lifelong passion, for those who are promotional specialists and marketing masters but  who have neither aspirations nor opportunities to deal with the production of sold items themselves. White label is for you . What does it consist in?

In this logistic model, you do not need production know-how and finances which have to be spent on production. It significantly facilitates the start of your e-shop. This solution is ideal for born “traders”. What is white label? You buy products without anything that would indicate who their manufacturer is – they have no tags, patches, labels, no name or logo. Such products are cheaper – their price does not include packing. You are responsible for making them into products of a specific brand – your brand. All that is left is the sale.

How to turn a white label product into your product?
* name it – create a unique description – examine all its parameters*
give it a label – depending on what product you are selling – give T-shirts information on size, label cosmetics with information on ingredients etc.
* create unique packaging for each product
* label everything with your logo and the name of your e-shop or brand – there are many possibilities, depending on the type of product – staples, print, stickers

In which industries does a white label work best?
fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry
* clothing industry
* food industry
* cosmetics industry

What are the advantages of the white label sales model? you can buy these products at low prices
* you have full influence on the creation of a product brand, its design  and preparation for shipment as well as on the possibility of making any changes
* huge saving of time and money on creating a production background

What are the challenges?
create a coherent and attractive consumer  brand – This will  help you  sell the product
* take care of the technical background that will be making up  your products –  be precise, accurate, as this will minimize the risk of errors and shortcomings
* and you focus on what you do best – promote, seek customers, trade!